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• Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Assessment
• Social Engineering
• Port Scanning and Analysis
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Device Configuration Reviews
• Security Architecture Reviews
• Penetration Testing
• Policy: Acceptable use, Information Security and Dissemination
• Cyber and Information Security Awareness Training for Employees



• Health Care
• Insurance
• Government
• Legal
• Banking and Finance
• Retail
• Manufacturing and Production
• Transportation
• Energy
• Defense



• Externally accessible services such as VPNs
• Security appliances
• Management and storage servers
• Communication mediums such as websites
• Software applications
• Phone systems
• Information handling, dissemination and discard practices
• Wired and wireless networks
• Physical infrastructure assets
• SCADA environments
• Social media practices

Proper preservation, analysis and reporting of relevant digital data in a timely manner are essential and require trained and experienced personnel. These considerations become even greater when dealing with diverse computing environments, networks, the cloud, big data and mobile devices. Failure to take the necessary precautions can have detrimental consequences that may result in the loss of valuable data as well as sanctions and fines.



In accordance with best practice and customer expectations, Antietam is committed to ensuring forensic soundness throughout the lifecycle of a digital investigation. Data integrity must be maintained at all times, and Antietam ensures that electronic media is properly secured from the initial point of contact, through reporting and presentation. Antietam staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced individuals who have been working digital forensic investigations for both government and corporate clients for many years and have processed a wide variety of computer, network and mobile appliances. Many of our staff members have earned various forensic related certifications, possess extensive testimony experience and have been deemed experts by various courts. In addition, Antietam’s advanced engineering and computer science departments provide additional expertise that allows us to address quickly and overcome various technical challenges that arise when dealing with complex data sets, formats and emerging technologies.



The preservation, availability and analysis of electronic records in support of litigation matters is no longer an emerging trend; it is common practice. As such, it is vital that procedures in support of this need are performed in a legal and thorough manner, ensuring that electronic data is not overlooked or lost due to delays. This can be challenging, especially given the fact that employees of any given organization can be generating gigabytes of new data on a daily basis while at the same time modifying and/or deleting older data. Antietam staff are trained to address the needs of electronic discovery and for many years have executed in accordance and within diverse and ever-changing operating environments. Antietam will work closely with the client to identify the specific data of interest while determining probable locations for this data and deploying methods for its quick preservation.


DATA PRESERVATION: Preserve What Is Rightfully Yours. Resolve It The Right Way.

There are various reasons as to why digital records must be preserved or archived for a period. It is important to consider many factors such as virtual and physical space requirements, anticipation duration of preservation and depth of preservation. Antietam works with clients to ensure that these issues are addressed and that the right solutions are utilized in a timely and affordable manner. We possess the technologies to preserve the data quickly and can coordinate with IT service providers to ensure the identification of utilization of efficient digital storage media.



Antietam’s Cyber and Information Security Assessment services are designed to assist businesses with safeguarding their sensitive information, communications, infrastructure and critical assets from ever expanding and dynamic threats. Our assessments are tailored to address each customer’s immediate needs and can address a wide spectrum of potential vulnerability points.

Antietam’s Cyber and Information Security Assessment services are designed to assist customers with safeguarding their sensitive information, communications, infrastructure and critical assets from ever expanding and dynamic threats. Our assessments are tailored to address each customer’s immediate and long-term needs and can be deployed individually or on a scheduled basis, with no productivity interruptions. Also, Antietam will address a wide spectrum of potential vulnerability points, including internal and external cyber assets, operating procedures, policies, information dissemination practices and physical access. Using this approach, Antietam is able to help customers identify, assess and eliminate many vulnerabilities while also protecting against emerging threats.



Businesses rely on cyber technologies for many reasons, including productivity and profitability. Compromises to this technology can negatively impact these areas and could have further consequences, including compliance penalties, legal fees, and decreased consumer confidence. While compromises can be reduced with best practices, implementation and actual utilization is often disregarded for a host of reasons. Many don’t realize until it’s too late that expenses associated with failing to be proactive are typically far greater than being proactive.



  • Reduce operating downtime
  • Control costs associated with downtime, troubleshooting, and repairs
  • Ensure compliance against regulatory requirements and internal policies
  • Prepare and protect against current and emerging threats, as well as shifts in technology
  • Increase employee awareness pertaining to the handling and safeguarding of sensitive information
  • Protect and strengthen reputation among customers and partners
  • Improve organizational security posture without disrupting productivity


In 2005 Antietam Technologies was created with the goal of meeting the information and cyber security needs of businesses, municipalities and the federal government. Businesses and municipalities are the backbone of the community, yet historically have struggled and been left behind when it comes to Information Security support and solutions.

As a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a member of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, Antietam Technologies is committed to helping build strong, sustainable businesses and communities. We pride ourselves on core values such as Integrity, Honesty, Value and Trust. We believe that our differentiator is that we do not attempt to be an expert in all areas of information technology. We focus on Cyber Security, Network Security and Enterprise Risk Management, providing you with world-class information security services and solutions, a platform to ensure solid business performance and growth.