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Digital Forensics

The use of Digital Forensics is a key part of Incident Response.  Understanding the changes made to a system involved in a a compromise and what data was manipulated or harvested can change your entire response plan.  You may find that the system in question has been compromised for a longer period than you thought or that it is just one of many systems compromised.   Either way the use of Digital Forensics provides greater detail in the way a system was compromised and potentially used by actors for lateral movement and escalation.

Antietam’s is a leader in the use of Digital Forensics.  Our team of dedicated Forensic analysts have in some ways have literally written the book on how to perform Digital investigations.  Technical advances, the use of cloud services and allowing users to bring their own devices (BYOD) for use in the enterprise, open up a myriad of complex situations and avenues for hackers to access critical systems and data.  Let our experts assist you with all of your incident response and digital forensic needs.

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