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Logs: How often do you review yours? From a straightforward point-of-view, when asked, System Administrators will often tell you that they only review the log files when a problem or error occurs.

The fact of this alleged oversight is not due to their un-recognition to the importance of the task; it’s other operational roles and objectives in the day-to-day business that take up their time. In a large company environment, there could be thousands of servers and supporting devices. In these scenarios, the expectation and viable option to proactively review all logs becomes unattainable.

In the world of compromised data, this is a detrimental choice. However, there are solutions. Reviewing and analyzing your logs on a regular basis, even monthly, will help to identify system-level problems and stave off disaster before it happens. You may be able to identify signs of an imminent hardware failure, or you may see malicious account login attempts or failures.

Antietam offers a wide variety of solutions to centralize the disparate logs from all your devices. Saving time by making your System Administrators more accountable for the systems they manage, Antietam offers them the ability to review all the logs from one location.

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