Defending organizations against cyber-threats with Advanced Cyber Detection, Analysis and Mitigation

Not sure where to begin toward cybersecurity maturity? Or maybe you just had a breach and need immediate help? Antietam offers a wide range of solutions for enterprise cybersecurity programs – no matter what size or where you are in your maturity journey. 


Antietam provides clients with Endpoint and Network detection and response capabilities, offering program maturity assessments, architecture development and implementation. We assist clients along their hybrid infrastructure journey by providing advice and expertise regarding the complexities of monitoring and response for on-prem as well as hybrid and cloud operations.

Identifying and managing vulnerabilities is a critical step in your security practice.  Antietam offers a wide array of vulnerability assessment and management services. Our experienced risk and vulnerability experts can assist you with the challenges of vulnerability assessment. With the new directives from DHS (BOD 22-01 and 23-01), vulnerability programs are stretched to the limit.

Each cloud vendor brings unique challenges and gaps when trying to monitor telemetry data. From cybersecurity monitoring to configuration and status monitoring, Antietam’s Cloud Security practice helps clients assess their cloud security and DevSecOps strategies that build synergy with their Cybersecurity monitoring.


With the decentralized nature of today’s hybrid IT operations and service delivery, Cybersecurity monitoring and coverage can become cumbersome. Antietam’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) / Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR) practice takes a tailored and collaborative approach to designing and executing a plan for transforming client SIEM and SOAR environments towards a gapless, highly mature security capability.

Synthesis of information is key to a proactive cybersecurity operation. Antietam’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practice provides indicators and techniques being used by adversaries that can be acted upon expeditiously. As they say the best offense is a good defense. Knowing when and where to take proactive actions to bolster security is a critical step in your Cybersecurity operation.


The use of Digital Forensics is a key part of Incident Response.  Understanding the changes made to a system involved in a compromise and what data was manipulated or harvested can change your entire incident response plan.  Antietam’s experience and expertise in containment, eradication and recovery can assist you in building your response plan and ensuring you’re ready and able to respond when the time comes.
Security Strategy helps clients develop successful cybersecurity programs across the entire scope of the cybersecurity lifecycle by first understanding the current security posture, then seeing how and what can be matured to increase resiliency across people, processes, and technology. 

“Antietam is a result-oriented company who gets the job done. I have never had an occasion where Antietam never delivered what they promised. I highly endorse Antietam for their Cyber Security services. They will get the job done.” 

Harry Hixon

Account Executive

Northrup Grumman